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Advisory Board

  • Michael Marcus - recently retired as the FCC's Associate Chief for Technology and the Senior Technical Advisor to the FCC's Spectrum Policy Task Force. After joining the Commission in 1979, Dr. Marcus specialized in the analysis of spectrum management policy issues arising from new technologies. He played a key role in initiating the rule changes that now permit the use of spread spectrum and ultra-wideband signals.
  • Jonathan Marks - formerly the Creative/Programme Director of Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, where he hosted and produced the award-winning weekly radio show "Media Network" for 20+ years. Currently working on TV projects profiling radio's migration to digital technology around the world.
  • Eli M. Noam - Professor of Finance and Economics, Columbia University (USA); Director of the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information; member of the (US) President's Information Technology Advisory Committee and many other prestigious panels and boards. Prof. Noam's articles on Open Spectrum in the 1990s pointed the way to what is now becoming an international movement.
  • Onno W. Purbo - Indonesia's tireless promoter of wireless networking and local-language IT knowledge-sharing. He is credited with inspiring the creation of RebelNet, which now links over 1500 schools, 2000 cybercafes and more than 2500 outdoor WiFi "hotspots." Before becoming a full-time network evangelist, Dr. Purbo was a lecturer and head librarian at the Institute of Technology in Bandung.
  • Kevin Werbach - Assistant Professor of Legal Studies, Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania (USA); former Counsel for New Technology Policy at the US Federal Communications Commission, where he helped develop the US Government's Internet and e-commerce policies. Prof. Werbach is one of the leading spokesmen for Open Spectrum in the US.