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"We propose that de-licensing of the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands should be an integral part of the African regulatory harmonization process...and that more spectrum be considered for license-exempt use... Africa should lead the way in liberal unlicensing of spectrum..." ---from "License-Exempt Wireless Policy: Results of an African Survey" by Isabel Neto, Sharon E. Gillett and Michael L. Best, presented at the ITS Conference (Berlin, Germany, 7 September 2004)

"One of the largest WiMAX equipment vendors in Africa, Alvarion, estimates that there are just over 100 installed WiMAX systems in Africa; over 45 of these are operating in unlicensed spectrum..." ---from Balancing Act News Update No. 435 (January 2009)

Map of Africa

To see a brief summary of a country's WiFi rules in the box below, put your mouse inside the country's borders on the map at left.

Moreso than in other regions, the regulatory situation for Wi-fi at the national level in Africa is often unclear, unresolved or inconsistent. For more detailed information about radio regulation in a particular country, click on the country in the map. Use the "Country pages" selector in the left column to see countries not visible in the map (like Somaliland).