• "Find Your Favorite Wireless Hotspot in Tirana," by Elvis Plaku,, 27 April 2009.
  • "US Embassy Responses to Wireless Internet Survey," 5 May 2003, Central and East European Business Information Center:
    "The Albanian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ERT) has allocated unlicensed radio-frequency spectrum for use by wireless technologies, which are available for indoor and outdoor use. These allocations are included in the licenses obtained by Internet Service Providers (ISPs)... The unlicensed bands are 2.4, 3.5. and 5.8 GHz. Currently there are no legal barriers to the deployment of Wi-Fi technology within these bands. A license for Wi-Fi commercial use is not required provided that it operates on one of the three bands referenced above... The majority of the wireless ISPs use the 2.4 GHz band with antenna power of 4 watts. Because of the low bandwidth and [transmitter power limits], users experience interference from television station broadcasts using higher bandwidth and more powerful transmitters. This has impeded the expansion of wireless technology..."
  • "MBI Perdorimin e Radiofrekuencave ne Brezat 2.4 GHz dha 5.8 GHz" (in Albanian) - ERT's public consultation on harmonizing Albania's rules for these bands with European norms (25 July to 15 September 2005).
  • Law number 8618, "Ligji per Telekomunikacionet ne Republiken e Shqiperise" - Albania's telecommunications law , dated 14 June 2000 - in Albanian and English. Chapter 8 covers radio communication; Chapter 9 deals with equipment type approval.
  • Politika e Zhvillimit të Telekomunikacioneve në Republikën e Shqipërisë ("Policy for the Development of Telecommunications in the Republic of Albania"), 3 July 2003, in Albanian.
  • Plani Kombetar i Radiofrekuencave (Consolidated Radiofrequency Plan), May 2001, 218 pages in Albanian.

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