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  • "Case Study: Academic Networking in Burundi," by Hervé Ntareme, Mohamed Issa, paper presented at the 4th International Workshop on Open Access, Stockholm, Sweden, 12-14 December 2006: "...Burundian law, regulations and policies regarding Telecommunications have no articles that explicitly mention the procedures needed to create a noncommercial academic network in the country... According to the regulator (ARCT), for interuniversity connection through WiFi, no license at all is needed."
  • According to Wireless Networks for the Developing World: The Regulation and Use of License-Exempt Radio Bands in Africa, by Maria Isabel A. S. Neto (2004), WiFi is licensed in Burundi and limited to indoor use. (However, see below for services and proposals that clearly require outdoor connectivity.) Licensing is not automatic and there are apparently no unlicensed bands in Burundi.
  • "Observatoire de l'accès Internet au Burundi", in French: wireless access offers from 3 ISPs are listed; most are amazingly expensive (e.g. US$4,800/month for 512KB/s in Bujumbura from ONATEL).
  • "ReseauCitoyenBurundi" by Sadok Niyonzima, 18 February 2006, in French: "Notre objectif immédiat c'est d'implanter un réseau WiFi sur toute la ville de Bujumbura et de connecter également la ville d'Uvira au Congo (1ere phase) - 2ème phase l'intérieur du Burundi. Dès que ce réseau sera disponible, la Télémedecine, le téléenseignement, le commerce électronique, les communications moins chères vont être une réalite ici au burundi...." (Our immediate objective is to establish a WiFi network all over the town of Bujumbura and also to connect the town of Uvira to the Congo (1st phase) - 2nd phase the interior of Burundi. As soon as this network is available, telemedecine, educational television, e-commerce, less expensive communications will be a reality here in Burundi.)

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