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  • According to Wireless Networks for the Developing World: The Regulation and Use of License-Exempt Radio Bands in Africa, by Maria Isabel A. S. Neto (2004), page 174, WiFi for indoor use is unlicensed in CAF. Some form of registration is required but there is no enforcement.
  • In their 2003 answer to the ITU's questionaire on national frequency management, the Ministry for Posts and Telecommunications said the law governing rights to use radio frequencies in CAR is "arrêter n°011/MTACPT-CAB.SG.DGSOCATEL du 24/08/91" but they expect this law to change. A regulatory agency - ART - was supposed to be established in February 2003 but we found no indication that this has happened. In 2002 there were only 53 assigned frequencies in the country, and 10 issued licenses.
  • "First Gospel Radio Reaches Central African Republic," by Anne Thomas, Christian Today, 11 March 2007: "...Integrated Community Development International (ICDI), as the country's first privately owned shortwave station, will allow Christian broadcasts to be available to most of the country's 3.5 million people... 'Our partner, Jim Hocking, and the staff of ICDI have prayed and worked to see this vision of nationwide Christian radio,' said Curt Bender, manager of radio planting and development at the HCJB Global Technology Centre in Elkhart USA. He led a team that installed the equipment... 'This low-power shortwave radio station will enable the staff at ICDI to deliver community health information and the Gospel daily to remote villages inaccessible by vehicle,' Bender added..."

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