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  • "Colombia podría crear un organismo para regular el espectro," [Colombia could create an organization to regulate the spectrum] by Teresa Agrasot, AHCIET, 18 September 2007, in Spanish: local press accounts say that the Ministry of Communications has already presented a legislative project to the Congress to create an independent regulatory agency to deal with the management and use of mobile spectrum. A similar organization already exists in Colombia for TV transmissions.
  • "Ministerio de Comunicaciones Resolución 689 del 21 de abril de 2004," Diario Oficial 45.533 (28.04.2004), implements the R-LAN decisions of WRC-2003 and authorizes the unlicensed use of Wi-fi and Bluetooth devices. A Spanish summary of this regulation can be found in "Una realidad: Colombia ya cuenta con una norma nacional inalámbrica," RCT Online. It notes that offering telecom services to others still requires a "concession": "Vale la pena anotar, que la utilización del espectro radioeléctrico en las bandas de frecuencias atribuidas no requiere de habilitación distinta a la conferida de manera general por la presente resolución, sin perjuicio de la obligatoriedad de obtener la concesión respectiva cuando con este espectro radioeléctrico se pretenda prestar servicios de telecomunicaciones a terceros..."
  • CITEL Footnote CLM.49: "Las bandas, 902-924 MHz, 2 400-2 483,5 MHz y 5 725-5 850 MHz se atribuyen a título secundario, conforme con la resolución 3382 de 15 de diciembre de 1995, para los sistemas de Espectro Ensanchado." (Spread spectrum modulation was authorised in the listed bands in 1995.).
  • Tecnologias WIFI: Bandas Radiolectricas sin Licencia - discussion paper produced by the Ministry of Communications (September 2003), in Spanish.
  • Announcement: public consultation on revising the national plan for radio frequency allocations - issued by the Ministry of Communications (14 July 2004, in Spanish).
  • "Bucaramanga a la Vanguardia en Internet Inalámbrico de Banda Ancha," Ministry of Communications, 21 February 2005: the city of Bucaramanga will be blanketed with 4000 Wi-Fi access points.
  • "Telebucaramanga rolls out Wi-Fi hotspots," TeleGeography, 1 December 2005: "Colombian telco and ISP Telebucaramanga has rolled out public wireless internet hotspots in Bucaramanga, Floridablanca and Girón. The regional operator, which began installation of the Wi-Fi hotspots in June 2005, currently has 84 in operation, with plans to increase this number to 105 by year-end. Access to the hotspots is free to all users under an introductory offer, but the company plans to start charging for the broadband service in 2006..."
  • Telecomunicaciones en Colombia - new Google group.
  • Wireless Colombia.

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