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  • E-Integration Archive, COMESA Regional ICT Support Programme (RICTSP), 31 August 2006: "Comoros lags behind on ICT development in respect to other countries in the IOC region. At this time it does not have a legal framework, but only one Law with two articles that has not been followed by implementation Laws. The development of an appropriate legal framework and the creation of a regulatory body are therefore important priorities for the implementation of the RICTSP in Comoros...."
  • Ashok B. Radhakissoon's report to the COMESA RICTSP on "ICT Policy" (13 October 2006) adds: "For such States as the Comoros and Madagascar it is imperative that the whole legal structure be revamped in terms of the guidelines contained in the COMESA ICT Policy and Model Bill. This is a condition precedent on which to erect their ICT industry and to democratize access to ICTs... Comtel a wholly owned state telecom operator in Comoros... enjoys such a monopoly which covers mobile telephony as well as the provision of internet services... the legal instrument which regulates the sector is so deficient that there is no real monitoring, with the incumbent operator acting as a quasi regulator for such technical matters as numbering and allocation of frequencies... This is a country which needs [policy] assistance almost immediately...."
  • According to Wireless Networks for the Developing World: The Regulation and Use of License-Exempt Radio Bands in Africa, by Maria Isabel A. S. Neto (2004), class licenses for Wifi are automatically issued.

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