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  • "La promotion des télécommunications au Congo," (The promotion of telecommunications for Congo), Brazzaville-adiac (via CongoPlus), 4 August 2006, in French. Translated excerpts: On 3 August in Brazzaville, Philippe Mvouo, the Minister for the Posts and Telecommunications, charged with new technologies, opened the National Days of Telecommunications, Communication and New Technologies (JNTIC), as a prelude to beginning a dialogue and reflection on sectoral reform... Congo's civil wars left almost all the media of telecommunication destroyed, which relegated the country to the last row in the field of communication. To correct this, the Government adopted an ambitious sectoral policy... On the whole of the territory, one now counts more than 250 cyber cafés with very low bandwidth access to the Internet - except for those with WiFi access... Congo still shows a slow take-up of new technology, which is why these days of national reflection on defining a strategy for developing the sector.
  • "Unusually, in 2001 the Ministry of Communications contracted with a private company to provide frequency management and... some licensing functions. Currently the COGEF [Congolaise de gestion des fréquences] receives applications for private networks, and advises the Ministry of Communications on the same. Licences must still be approved by the Minister, and must also be vetted by the Ministry of Defence..." See "Arrêté No 452 relatif aux conditions générales d'établissement et d'exploitation des réseaux indépendants" (date unknown) ---Final Report, Part 2: Regulatory Study on Low Cost VSAT Technologies and Licensing Regimes for the World Bank African Virtual University by Detecon International GmbH, March 2003.
  • "The Société de Télécommunications du Congo (Sotelco) is the main provider of basic telecommunication services... The licensing system for VSAT in the Congo uses a novel strategy - Sotelco can be designated as the recipient for the satellite circuit charges, in which case it adds 5% before passing them on to the user. Alternatively, if Sotelco is not included in the arrangements, an annual license fee of about 8,000 USD is required, as well as a monthly fee of about 3,300 USD..." ---"An evaluation framework for selecting MIMCom sites in Africa" by Judite Mandlate and Lotta Rydström, December 2004.
  • Platforme Lissanga - French-language portal for civil society groups working for an Information Society in the Congo.
  • "Les Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication au Congo: Un état des lieux et des perspectives" (ICT in Congo: an inventory of facts and propects) by Alain Ndalla, April 2004, in French.

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