• "Tablica namjene RF spektra" (Table of RF spectrum allocations), Hrvatska Agencija za Telekomunikacije.
  • - directory of community networks in Croatia.
  • Croatian Telecommunications Services Market, by Miroslav Nikolac, US Department of State, Foreign Commercial Service, 29 March 2004:
    "Wi-Fi Internet access is becoming increasingly popular among business customers since the monthly subscription for this type of access costs approximately 2.5 times less ($830 vs. $2,150 for a 512Kb/s access) than the corresponding leased line access. A one-time connection fee is approximately $800, while for the corresponding leased line access it is ...between $980 and $1,600... ISPs pay a one-time licensing fee of HRK 50,000 ($8,350) and no annual fee. VoIP and Wi-Fi access providers still need to pay an annual fee of 1 percent of their total revenues deriving from those services..."
  • "Broadband Fixed Wireless Telecommunications Market in Croatia," US Department of State, Foreign Commercial Service, June 2003: "Croatia has allocated an unlicensed frequency band of 2400-2483.5 MHz with limitation on Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) equal to 100 MW, and 5725-5875 MHz with EIRP equal to 25 MW. There are no separate allocations for indoor and outdoor uses..."

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