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  • "Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the title of 'world's first Wi-Fi-linked e-payments network' is claimed by The Mall of San Marino in Guayaquil, Ecuador," writes Andrew Burger in an article for E-Commerce Times (16 June 2004) entitled "Broadband Wi-Fi Spreads in Latin America."
  • "Wifi Experience in Ecuador: Deployment and Business Case" by Dr. Rama Munikoti, EION Wireless. A powerpoint presentation in English from the APEC Telecommunications Working Group meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, April 2005. EION's "rural Wifi Internet in a Box" is being deployed in 36 communities across Latin America with financial support from Canada's IDRC. In Ecuador, some 35 villages will get such systems, starting with El Chaco (see next item). The local implementing partner is Fundación ChasquiNet.
  • "Comunidades Amazónicas ya están en la Internet" (Amazonian communities are connected to Internet - by wi-fi and satellite), Diario HOY, 11 Jan 2005.
  • La Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones monitors and controls the use of the radio spectrum and the quality of telecom service. A notice on the front page of their website says: "Está prohibida la utilización de teléfonos inalámbricos de 'largo alcance' (Radioteléfonos)" (it is prohibited to use long-range cordless phones [Radiophones] because their power exceeds the limits set for equipment operating within areas denominated as private.
  • "Resolución No. 417-15-CONATEL-2005: la Norma para la implementación y operación de sistemas de modulación digital de banda ancha" (Norm for the implementation and operation of broadband systems of digital modulation), CONATEL, 13 October 2005, in Spanish: sets up a system for registering broadband digital systems to operate on in the 902-928, 2400-2483.5, 5150-5250, 5250-5350, 5470-5725 and 5725-5850 MHz bands, by which they acquire a "certificate of registration" to operate for 5 years. Annual spectrum use fees must be paid. This resolution replaces "Resolution 538-20-CONATEL-2000: la Norma para la Implementación y Operación de Sistemas de Espectro Ensanchado" (Norm for the implementation and operation of Spread Spectrum Systems), published 30 November 2000.
  • National Frequency Plan, September 2000, in Spanish.
  • CITEL Footnote EQA.195 says that spread spectrum systems share the 2.400-2.4835 MHz band with "public security" systems.
  • "Secretaría Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (SENATEL) al Público en General - Pongo en conocimiento que Parque Nacional Galapagos ha presentado la solicitud para Operar una Red Privada, con las siguientes características: Infraestructura - Sistema de radio punto - punto y punto - multipunto en la banda de frecuencia de: 2400 - 2483.5 MHz..." (From the National Telecommunications Secretariat [SENATEL] to the General Public: know that the Galapagos National Park has presented a request to operate a wireless network, with the following characteristics: Infrastructure- point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio system in the 2400 - 2483,5 MHz frequency band...). This petition has no date.

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