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  • Law 005/2001 du 21 juin 2001, published in Journal officiel n° 450 du 12-26 Janvier 2002: "Portant Reglementation du Secteur des Telecommunications en Republique Gabonaise" (48 pages in French). This law set the framework for regulating Gabon's telecom sector and created the Agency for the Regulation of Telecommunications (ARTEL). "Chapitre VII" deals with radiocommunication.
  • ARTEL's "Bareme de Redevances" (Scale of Royalties): WLANs require an authorization when they are for private use, a license when for public use. Cost for WLAN authorization varies with the data-speed according to a formula: speeds above 2MB/sec are priced at 39,867,187.50 Gabonese francs (about US$65,000). Which makes us think Wifi might not be considered a WLAN in Gabon...?
  • Authorisation request for a private network.
  • License application for networks, "radioelectric" telecom services and local telephone services.
  • "For the 2.4 and 5GHz bands there are operators/persons who use the bands without a license. For the moment, we have just setup a frequency control center which is starting to control and detect the 'breachers'. But I can assure you that there are many people using these bands without an authorization..." ---quoted in the "Other information (from survey, e-mails, or personal contacts)" section of Wireless Networks for the Developing World: The Regulation and Use of Licence-Exempt Radio Bands in Africa by Isabel Neto (May 2004), page 201.

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