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  • English translation of the "Law on Electronic Communication" (6 June 2005): According to "Overview of the Georgian Telecommunication System," by Tamaz Kachlishvili (Ministry of Economic Development) presented at a conference in Kyrgyzstan, 2 February 2006, the law on electronic communication introduces a European approach, requiring only general authorization unless scarce resources are used (radio frequencies or phone numbers). The law says: "The [Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC)] shall issue licenses for the use of radio frequency spectrum and/or numbering resource pursuant to the present law, the Georgian law 'on licenses and permissions' and the 'Regulation on carrying out an auction for the use of radio frequency spectrum and/or numbering resource'..." GNCC notes in their annual report for 2005 that secondary trading of frequencies is allowed.
  • "Probably due to the liberal telecommunication regulation and tradition of having free mass media Georgian state has expressed little interest in controlling the Internet so far. There has been no real effort to pass legislation to set a stage for regulation of Internet and online communication..."---"Internet in Georgia: No revolution needed" by Sandro Karumidze, presented at the OSCE Conference on Guaranteeing Media Freedom on the Internet, Amsterdam, 27-28 August 2004.
  • "Wireless Internet Survey for Wi-Fi Technology, Georgia," US Embassy cable, 5 June 2003.

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