• Annual Report: 2001-2002, Gilbraltar Regulatory Authority, page 22: "Short Radio Devices may be used in Gibraltar without a requirement for licensing as they are covered under the Exemption Regulations of the Telecommunications Ordinance, e.g. PMR 446, Car Locking Systems, Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN). However, WLANs do not require licensing whilst a network is operated within a building, if a link between two or more buildings is required then that wireless LAN link would require licensing under Part IV of the Telecommunications Ordinance..."
  • "Administrative Notice No. 1: Short Range Device ('SRD') used for Local Area Network ('LAN')," Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, 11 June 2004: issued to clarify definitions and update the annual license fees. "SRD(LAN)" is defined as operating at 2400-2483.5MHz and having an "external antenna." The annual license fee for a point-to-point SRD(LAN) link was £108.16 in 2004 "subject to an increase of 4% effective on 19th July each year." The annual fee for a point-to-multipoint SRD(LAN) link was £540.80 in 2004, also subject to an annual 4% increase. "Please note that an additional Authorisation is required to provide a service to the public."
  • Annual Report: 2003-2004, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, page 19: "in Gibraltar only CE approved [SRD] equipment with integral antennas are exempt from licensing. Equipment fitted with an external antenna requires an SRD (LAN) licence..."
  • Application form for a 2.4 GHz WLAN license, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, May 2002: "I accept and undertake that the equipment, the subject of this application cannot be used without a licence. I acknowledge that a SRD (LAN) Licence will not entitle me to provide a telecommunications service in, to, from or through Gibraltar and may require additional licences under other Ordinances. I accept and undertake that the equipment will be licenced on a non-protected, non interference basis and will at all times comply with the European Technical Standard ETS 300 328 and never exceed the maximum e.i.r.p. of 100mW..."
  • "Notice: FM Band Low Power Transmitters," Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, 21 April 2005: "There has recently been a rapid growth in the availability of low power Short Range Device (SRD) transmitters, designed to work in conjunction with FM radio receivers. These devices however remain illegal to use. The use of all radio transmitter equipment in Gibraltar requires a licence under the Telecommunications Ordinance 2000 or a specific licence exemption. These devices have neither. Exemptions, which are enabled by a Regulation made under the Ordinance, are normally applied to low power radio devices with a low risk of causing interference..."

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