• "Guide - Broadband Data Transmission with Wireless Access Devices (RLAN, WiFi, WMAN, WiMAX, ...)," National Communications Authority, Directorate for Frequency Management, 1 July 2005 (51 pages in English): "Exemption from individual licensing shall also extend to an exemption from paying frequency fee... When a radio connection is used for service provision, this service may be provided only [by] such (natural or legal) person and/or business association without legal entity that has been registered by the National Communications Authority (NCA) to render the given service. Service notification is obligatory even if the given radio application is exempted from individual licensing..."
  • "A Nemzeti Média - és Hírközlési Hatóság rádióspektrum-stratégiája 2012-2015" [The National Media - Communications Authority and Radio Spectrum Strategy 2012-2015], December 2012, in Hungarian. An English translation should be available soon.
  • Official English translation of "Act C of 2003: On Electronic Communication," Magyar Közlöny 2003/136. szám, (197 pages, PDF), which transposes the EU directives.
  • English-language menus for "Government Decree No. 346/2004 (XII.22.)Korm. on the Establishment of the National Table of Frequency Allocations" and "Decree of the Minister of Informatics and Communications No. 35/2004 (XII.28.)IHM on the Establishment of the rules relating to the use of frequency bands." Most of the supporting documentation is available in both Hungarian and English through this menu page. Annex 2, Chapter 8, of the Minister's Decree concerns "Short Range Devices," while Annex 4, Chapter 2, concerns "Short Range Devices" in the "harmonised bands."
  • Hungarian Wireless Community (HuWiCo).

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