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  • "Towards an Open Spectrum Policy" - lecture by Yochai Benkler at the Haifa University School of Law, 9 June 2003. Organized by Drs. Niva Elkin-Koren and Michael Birnhack. Summary of the lecture in English.
  • "Communications Ministry to ease WiFi frequency regulations" by Guy Hadass, Globes Online, 6 September 2004: "The Ministry of Communications today announced that it intends to expand the frequency band allocated for civilian use, and which is exempt from licensing... The new regulations will not require permits for 100 megahertz (MHz) of the 5 gigahertz (GHz) band.... This will come in addition to the 2.4 GHz range that was opened for public use a year ago... The Ministry of Communications said that the trend towards a designated frequency band for free public use, without the need for a permit, has become part of the Ministry's deregulation policy..." [emphasis added]
  • "Importation and Operation of Bluetooth and WiFi Products Approved in the 2.4 GHz Band, Starting from October 1st 2003," Ministry of Communications press release, 27 July 2003.
  • "Communications Ministry to allow unlicensed Wi-Fi services" - article by Efi Landau in Globes Online (27 July 2003).
  • "Israel legalises Bluetooth wireless technology products," CETECOM Approval News, December 2003 (in English): "From October 1, 2003, the use of Bluetooth devices in the whole band is possible. The Israeli Ministry of Communications intervened to open the 2,4GHz band for civilian use. The band is fully open for Bluetooth Class 2 (2,5 mW) and Class 3 (1 mW) devices..."
  • The Ministry of Communications' call for public comments on the issue of unlicensed WLANs (January 2003), in Hebrew.
  • "Jerusalem Going WiFi Monday Afternoon" in Arutz Sheva (Israel National News), 31 October 2004: "The first phase of the program will provide FREE wireless Internet connectivity in the Safra Square, Ben-Yehuda Mall, and Nachlat Shiva areas... In coming months, additional areas around the city will go live..."
  • "Tel Aviv to begin offering wireless Internet for free," by Ilan Lior, Ha-aretz, 14 March 2011: "The Tel Aviv municipality will begin offering free and unlimited public wireless Internet for the first time next week, starting with a pilot project in the area of Ben-Gurion Boulevard. The service will be extended in the coming weeks to the Gordon Beach and pool... According to the municipality, it will examine the possibility of extending the network to other areas in the city, depending on results, demand and public satisfaction. The wi-fi hotspots will emanate from several points along the street and have a speed of five megabytes. The city will block the downloading of large files and entrance into file-sharing sites. In addition, firewalls will be put in front of sites which offer pornography, gambling, or those which incite violence..."
  • תקשורת אלחוטית - low-power wireless page in the Hebrew Wikipedia covers RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, UWB, etc.
  • "Ministry approves RFID frequencies," by Guy Hadass, Globes Online, 4 January 2007: "The Ministry of Communications has approved radio frequency identification (RFID) frequencies for civilian use in the 915-918 megahertz range..."
  • "Infineon confirms closure of Israeli UWB R&D site," by Amir Ben-Artzi, EE Times Europe, 12 February 2007: "...'"Infineon decided to focus on product sales and marketing, the profits from which we'll see very soon. UWB [ultrawide band] is a future product that does not yet have a standard or market in the foreseeable future, so it was decided to halt development activity in the area at this time.'..."

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