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  • Laos' radio spectrum is regulated by the Frequency Management Division of the Ministry of Communications, Transports, Posts and Constructions. The ITU organized an Asia/Pacific regional seminar for training trainers on the use of their "Spectrum Management Software for Developing Countries" in Vientiane, 18-22 April 2006
  • "A Community owned Wi-Fi/VoIP Network in Laos," infodev's ICT Regulation Toolkit: "One of the clearest cases of a cooperatively owned community network using new technologies is under development in Laos, animated by bottom-up development principles rather than a traditional network approach. The Jhai Foundation has been working for some years in the Hin Heup district, comprising five small villages within a radius of a few kilometres. The total population is 425 people. Several years ago the villagers asked their telecom providers when they could expect to receive service: the response was 'never'. With the support of the Jhai Foundation, a Wi-Fi and VoIP based technical solution has been designed and tested, and a detailed business plan prepared by the villagers themselves. Based on a mix of voluntary and paid labour, on the use of community facilities and resources, on services selected by the community, and on tariff levels the villagers themselves judged to be affordable, the plan demonstrates that the service is financially feasible. As well as internet use, it includes local, national and international calls..."
  • "The Jhai PC and Communication System" - whose technical features are described by Craig Liddell in "Pedal Power: Look Ma, No Wires" (30 August 2002).
  • "VoIP unwired" by Phil Hochmuth, Network World, 28 July 2003: "Burns used 802.11b gear to connect 50 IP phones, PCs, a router and satellite dish for the mining camp [in the middle of the Laotian jungle]. The camp, which stretches over a two-mile area, consists of 20 structures..."
  • "Low Cost Access and Connectivity for Laos" by Vorasone Dengkayaphichith, chapter IV in Low Cost Access and Connectivity: Local Solutions edited by Catherine J. Steele, UN ICT Task Force Working Paper Series, 2003, pages 58-75.
  • "With wireless technology available (802.11a,b,g), growth in this area is increasing rapidly, especially, hotels, guesthouses and other tourist destinations...." -- from the Lao PDR - Country Report, Asian Forum on ICT Policies and e-Strategies, 20-22 October 2003, Kuala Lumpur.
  • "Internet on the Mekong: Lao PDR Case Study," by Michael Minges and Vanessa Gray, International Telecommunication Union, March 2002: "In August 1998, Globenet ( established the first permanent Internet connection in Lao... Globenet also provide a broadband wireless service to almost 50 customers in Vientiane using BreezeNet equipment on the 2.4 Ghz frequency...."
  • ".la (Laos)" by Phonpasit Phissamay, Digital Review of the Pacific, 2005/2006 editition: "Since 2003, LANIC [the Lao National Internet Committee] has also provided free Internet access via wireless links to 16 government organisations and academic institutions in Vientiane. It is estimated that some 1,000 PCs are connected to this wireless network..."

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