• "European Commission reiterates claim that Latvian regulator lacks independence," TeleGeography, 15 April 2009: "In a press release the European Commission (EC) has revealed it has sent Latvia a reasoned opinion, the second phase of an infringement proceeding, for not following EU rules that guarantee the independence of national telecoms regulators... The criticism relates to Latvia's Ministry of Transport, which prepares decisions on the allocation of radio frequencies and management of the national numbering plan. At the same time, the Ministry of Transport manages activities related to ownership and control with regard to two fully state-owned communications and network providers - State Information Network Agency (VITA) and Latvian State Centre for Radio and Television (LGTSRT). EU telecoms rules require member states that retain ownership or control of the companies that provide telecoms networks and/or services to ensure effective structural separation of the regulatory function from activities associated with ownership or control..."
  • "Spektra telpa un valstu paplašināšanās," (Spectrum ecology) by Zita Džoisa, RIXC, 3 February 2003 in Latvian.
  • "Lattelekom turns Latvia into a Wi-Fi hotspot," by Peter Walsh, Baltic Times, 9 November 2005: "...Tomass Tikmers, wireless Internet service manager for Lattelekom, says, 'At the moment, Lattelekom is the only company developing what we call hotspots, which are public Internet access points. Right now we have 150 hotspots in Latvia, some 75 percent of which are in Riga... We've installed hotspots in restaurants, hotels, cafes and exhibition halls. We've also launched a partnership with Statoil gas stations. By the end of 2005 every Statoil will have Wi-Fi coverage... By the end of this year we plan to have opened 200 hotspots, while we plan to create 350 in 2006...' "
  • Law "On Telecommunications" (2001) in English
  • "Optimizing the Regulatory Environment in Emerging Economies," by Edvins Karnitis, Public Utilities Commission, Latvia; in Creating an Enabling Environment: Toward the Millennium Development Goals, edited by Denis Gilhooly, UN ICT Task Force Series 6 (2005). Summarizes Latvia's recent experience in establishing a multi-sector regulatory agency.
  • "Electronic communications sector and economic development in Latvia: regularities and individualities," by Andrejs Dombrovskis, Edvins Karnitis, Claudio Feijoo and Sergio Ramos, Communications & Strategies, number 45, 1st quarter 2002, pages 1- 32.
  • Telecoms in Latvia, an English-language blog by tech journalist Juris Kaža.
  • "Wireless Internet Access in Latvia" by Guntis Barzdins and John Tully, 1996.

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