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  • Approval News, April 2004: "In September 2003 the Lesotho Telecommunications Authority (LTA) launched a public consultation on the provision of access to the Internet using broadband wireless network solutions. This consultation contemplates WLAN standards as 802.11a/b/g. Now, the LTA is at the final stage compiling the rule which is expected to be ready in April 2004. If this is finally approved, this will allow the use of 802.11a/b/g in Lesotho."
  • "Proposal for Licensing Procedures," LTA consultation paper, April 2004: Section 27 of the Lesotho Telecommunications Act 2000 says: "...'no person shall establish or provide telecommunication services in Lesotho without a license.' ...Section 28 allows [LTA] to delist classes of licensed services so they can be provided without prior approval or licensing... A primary objective of this Consultation is to decide whether resale, CPE, private network, wireless local area network, and value-added and content services should also be delisted..."
  • On 16 August 2004 the Lesotho Telecommunications Authority (LTA) approved a "Regulatory Framework for the Provision of Internet Services in Lesotho." Among other things, this allows ISPs and the general public to use the ISM bands for wireless LANs without a license, so long as they follow ITU recommendations. See "Public Consultation Stage 2: Proposed Regulatory Framework" for the approved text.
  • At the ITU's Global Symposium for Regulators in December 2004, LTA contributed a statement on "The Principles that guide Lesotho Telecommunications Authority in the promotion of low cost broadband and Internet connectivity." Two of the principles are: "Free use of ISM bands for commercial and non-commercial Internet... [and] Ensuring that spectrum licences are kept at the lowest possible price that covers spectrum management costs so that consumers of services are not burdened with high prices directly attributable to spectrum..."
  • "Lesotho has passed legislation saying that all decisions by the regulator must be approved by the Government. There is also talk of extending the incumbent's monopoly by yet another year..." ---Balancing Act Africa issue 306 (May 2006).

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