Sources of Wireless News

    AHCIET Noticias Regulacion - news about Latin American telecom regulation (in Spanish)
  AllAfrica ICT News
    Asia Telecommunication Newsletter - latest issue is July 2004, unfortunately...
   CommsDesign - Wireless LANs/PANs
   Daily Wireless
  Dewayne-Net Radio Weblog
    EE Times Asia - RF Product News
    Egypt ICT in the News
  eWeek Mobile and Wireless News
  Peter Kentie's Hotspot - wifi/voip nieuws (all in Dutch)
    ICT News Blog - Middle East
    Incisor Magazine
    ITU - Selected Regulatory News: Spectrum Management
    INA's Southeast Europe ICT Weekly Update (zipped PDF)
  Moreover's "wireless sector" newsfeed
  Network Computing's Mobile Pipeline - Guy Kewney's Mobile Campaign
    Ofcom Watch
    PolicyTracker (EU - free access only to headlines)
    RCR Global Wireless News
    RF Cafe
    RFID Journal
  RFIDa Blog
    Smart Convergence (Brazil)
    Tech-On! - tech news from NE Asia
    TechDirt Wireless
    Telecom Asia
    Telematics Research Group (automotive wireless)
    The Register - WLAN News
    WDR/Intelecon Regulatory News Service
  Wi-Fi Net News
  Wi-Fi Net News Europe
  Wi-Fi Planet
  Wi-Fi Technology Forum
    Wireless Airport Association News
  Wireless Sensor Networks Update
  Wireless Tech Radio
    Wireless Watch Japan
    Wireless Weblog
  WISP Centric

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