MACEDONIA - Македонија

  • "Младите ентузијасти невидливо ја омрежија Македонија," Време in Macedonian; English translation from Metamorphosis: "Young Enthusiasts Invisibly Networked Macedonia," Vreme, issue number 438 (21 June 2005).
  • "Plan for radio frequency band allotment in the Republic of Macedonia," published in the Official Gazette of RM Number 62/97.
  • "Macedonia leads world with wi-fi" by David Reid, BBC's Click Online, 11 November 2005: "...a project funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) has brought broadband internet access to hundreds of such remote villages in Macedonia by putting the country's 460 primary and secondary schools online... By using what is called mesh technology, Macedonia Connects is creating not wi-fi hot-spots, but hot-zones which stretch 15 kilometres over a city..."
  • Macedonia Connects website.
  • "MakTel launches free Wi-Fi service in over 300 nationwide hotspots," TeleGeography's CommsUpdate, 6 May 2011: "Macedonia's incumbent PTO Makedonski Telekomunikacii (MakTel), working in partnership with its mobile arm T-Mobile Macedonia, has launched a free Wi-Fi service via more than 300 hotspots across the country. The 'Telekom HotSpot' service will provide users with high speed internet access in coffee bars, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, taxi cabs and on public transport..."
  • "In TFYR Macedonia, a country of 2 million people, local network provider On.NET is deploying a broadband wireless network across the country using Motorola Canopy radios. This project is a unique partnership between the donor community, the Government of TFYR Macedonia, and the private sector. The Government of China has donated thousands of personal computers to be used in the nation's primary and secondary schools. Complimenting that donation, USAID is providing broadband internet connectivity to 460 primary and secondary schools and 71 other sites through 2007. This substantial guaranteed countrywide customer base has created the business case for On.NET to make a significant investment in a pervasive countrywide wireless network. On.NET is free to sell capacity to additional corporate or consumer subscribers throughout the country. Furthermore, in metropolitan areas they are deploying a mesh based... network providing pervasive hotspot connectivity in the country's population centers. In October 2005 the project partners announced an important milestone, that 95 percent of the country's population is within reach of the broadband wireless signal..." ---from "Broadband provisioning for developing countries," a discussion paper for the 6th ITU Global Symposium for Regulators, by Michael Best and Bjorn Pehrson (14 November 2005), page 11.
  • "Избрани операторите за отворање интернет киосци со безжичен пристап во руралните средини," [Selected operators to open internet kiosks with wireless access in rural areas], Ministry for Information Society press release, 25 January 2010, in Macedonian. Competing at auction, Telelink, Neocom and Helektron have won government subsidies to install 680 kiosks for giving the public free wireless Internet access within 250 meters of schools in rural areas of Macedonia. The kiosks must be created during the next 6 months.
  • Macedonia Connects map
  • "Broadband Connectivity in Macedonian Schools by September 2005," by Glenn Strachan, Chief of Party, Macedonia Connects, DOT-COMments, October 2005: "If not for the ending of the monopoly status [of Maktel] and the creation of new communication laws the Macedonia Connects project would have had a very hard time achieving its objectives... is deploying the Motorola Canopy solution as the backbone to distribute broadband connectivity throughout the country. In addition, they will deploy a MESH Wireless solution in the six most populated cities in Macedonia. This MESH solution is WIFI compliant and will provide nearly 100% WIFI coverage in these six cities... In addition, a WIFI repeater will be installed at each of the 531 locations that includes primary, secondary, university and local government offices as part of the main delivery of services within the Macedonia Connects project..."
  • Комисија за информатичка технологија (Commission for Information Technology)
  • Агенција за електронски комуникации (Agency for Electronic Communication).
  • Law on Electronic Communication (18 February 2005, in English) Закон за електронски комуникации (in Macedonian). This law transposes the directives, decisions and recommendations of the EU's reform package. Article 58, para.4 says: "Certain radio frequencies may be used without an authorization in accordance with the provisions made under this Law, as well as in compliance with the international rules and obligations accepted by the Republic of Macedonia."

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