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  • "Dhiraagu Wireless Zones Now at Male' International Airport," Dhiraagu press release, 23 January 2008: "...The WiFi Internet service at airport is a revenue share partnership with Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL). Dhiraagu is granted a 5 year exclusive deal to implement and operate WiFi service in the whole Airport Island, including International and Domestic terminals and all other facilities such as restaurants and air-taxi terminals... In addition to over 20 hotspots in Male’, Dhiraagu Wireless Zones are available at all capital islands, all inhabited islands above the population of 1,500 people and a number of resorts nation-wide."
  • "Paradise island gets wireless web" by Alfred Hermida, BBC News Online, 31 July 2003. Wifi comes to the island of Mirihi, 100 km south of the capital, Male.
  • Information and Communication Technology in the Atolls: Maldives Case Study by Michael Minges and Vanessa Gray, International Telecommunication Union, March 2004: "Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) using the popular IEEE 801.11b standard (i.e., Wi-Fi) are used by some organizations. There are not any publicly accessible hotspots in Internet cafes, coffee shops or other public locations. However some resorts have set up hotspots for their customers. The new ISP [Focus Infocom] has been given exclusivity for the use of the 2.4 GHz band for Internet services for a year and half..."
  • "Free Wifi in Male," progressive blog, 23 December 23 2004: "...Only very recently did the Telecom Authority establish some regulations over [the 2.4 GHz ISM band]. According to these new regulations, any outdoor WLAN setup must be first approved by the regulatory board. As some people may already know, Focus Infocom has licensed the 2.4Ghz range to provide internet access..."
  • The "Licenses" page at the Telecommunications Authority of Maldives (TAM) website says 3 licenses have been issued - one for the first phone network operator, one for an ISP and one for a mobile phone network operator.
  • However, TAM's Cordless Phone page describes the process of applying for a cordless phone license - likewise the Citizens Band page.

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