• "Fritt radiospektrum" (Free Radiospectrum) page in the Norwegian version of Wikipedia.
  • "Norway rethinks the role of the broadcast network," PolicyTracker, 6 July 2005 [access only by subscription]: "Norway's telecommunications regulator has issued a tender for a flexible frequency licence, a signal that it is moving toward a regulatory context where the network is viewed more as an electronic communications network and less as a broadcasting network..." See also "Nordic spectrum round up: Will Finland be left behind?" (23 February 2005):
    "Erlend Fanebust a senior advisor to the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications (NPT) Authority says much of what was proposed in the Cave Report [for the UK] has now been implemented... [Spectrum trading has] taken place in Norway for the past seven years, but these have mostly been related to industry restructuring. The country has also seen a number of private spectrum managers set up shop..."
  • Short summary of regulations for WLANs in the 2.4 and 5 GHz band, in English and Norwegian.
  • "Regulations on Authorised Frequency Use": conditions for authorized unlicensed radio use in Norway, in English and Norwegian.
  • "DSI Phase III, report from first consultation process in Norway," Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority, April 2003:
    "...The availability and protected free use of the 2.4 GHz ISM band is considered of vital importance for various reasons. Introduction of new services in the conventional telephone network has proved to be a lengthy and costly process due to the voice oriented design and implementation of this network. Maintaining the free use of the ISM band spurs the development of new wireless solutions and new services. This is beneficial also for the future developments of the standard systems like GSM and the future UMTS because the ISM band may serve as a testbed for new services and new technology..."
  • Norway Wireless Wiki.

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