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  • "Conectividad inalámbrica itinerante: avances del proyecto Paraguay Silvestre" (Itinerant wireless connectivity: advances of the Wild Paraguay project),, 14 March 2006 in Spanish: The Institute for Connectivity in the Americas (ICA) is supporting the project "Initiative for the protection of Paraguay's wild areas" (better known simply as "Wild Paraguay") with an itinerant wireless subproject using the technology developed by First Mile Solutions.
  • CONATEL "Resolucion N° 1332/2005 - Por la Cual se Modifican las Notas Nacionales PRG-50, PRG-53 y Cuadro de Atribución del Plan Nacional de Atribucion de Frecuencias de la Republica del Paraguay," 31 October 2005. Implements the WRC-03 RLAN decision. Modifies Footnote PRG.50 of the national frequency allocation plan to the Spanish equivalent of this text:
    "Within the frequency bands from 2400 to 2483.5 MHz, from 5150 to 5250 MHz, from 5250 to 5350 MHz, from 5470 to 5725 5850 MHz and 5725 to MHz, intended for Industrial, Scientific and Medical applications (ISM), communication devices for radio local area networks (RLAN) with engineering specifications which fulfill the practical standards of CONATEL can be used for communications."
    Previously Footnote PRG.50 referred only to the 2400 MHz band.
  • Luque Wireless.

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