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  • "New ZON@FON Free WiFi Community Aims to Cover Portugal with 100,000 Free Hotspots," FON blog, 18 July 2009: "Rodrigo Costa, CEO of ZON Multimedia, and Martin Varsavsky, Founder and CEO of FON announced today the launch of ZON@FON Free WiFi Community, a free WiFi service that will allow ZON Netcabo's 400.000 customers to be part of the world's largest WiFi Community... ZON@FON aims to have over 100.000 hotspots in Portugal, providing nearly ubiquitous connectivity to the Internet, further strengthening the offer of Zon Netcabo, Portugal's broadband pioneer..."
  • "ANACOM approves 2007 NFAP and launches public consultation," Anacom press release, 16 March 2007, in English: "The Board of Directors of ICP-ANACOM has approved the 2007 version of the National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP). The new plan, which is currently undergoing public consultation, makes a range of important changes to the previous version... It also updates the section on spectrum use that is exempt from radio licensing [pages 173-184]..."
  • "Multilateral agreement renewal on the free circulation of mobile/portable radiocommunications stations of the Personal Radio Service - Citizen Band" - in Portuguese and English: "subscribed by the Administrations of Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland... This agreement, which validity date was 31 December 2002, establishes that the citizens of those countries may, on a treatment reciprocity basis, transport and use a mobile/portable CB-station during their temporary stays within any of the subscribing countries, according to a Circulation Card issued by the respective Administration..."
  • "Categories of low power and short range radio equipment, establishment, holding and use of which does not require protective licensing: Administrative Rule no. 859/94, of 23 of September [1994]" (in Portuguese and English). Does not include later revisions.
  • In 2001, Portugal transposed over a dozen ERC decisions regarding low-power radio equipment not needing an individual license, including "ERC/DEC/(01)07" (RLANs in the 2400 - 2483.5 MHz band)
  • ICP-ANACOM "Made available the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands for the provision of public access via R-LAN to public electronic communications services and networks. In 2003 there were four ISPs that began provision of Wi-Fi service... At the end of the first quarter of 2004 there were nearly 330 hotspots in urban areas..." ---Regulation Report 2003
  • "Geeks, Burocratas e Cowboys: criando uma infra-estrutura Internet de mode Wireless" - Portuguese translation of "Geeks, Cowboys and Bureaucrats: Deploying Broadband, the Wireless Way" by François Bar and Hernan Galperin, published in A sociedade em Rede: Do Conhecimento à Acç?ão Política, edited by Manuel Castells and Gustavo Cardoso (Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda, Lisbon, 2006, pages 291-304).

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