RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Российской Федерации

"По словам замминистра информационных технологий и связи РФ Дмитрия Милованцева, рынок беспроводного доступа является одним из наиболее динамично развивающихся во всей отечественной телекоммуникационной отрасли. По оценкам г-на Милованцева, рынок беспроводного доступа растет на 61% в год..." (According to Dmitry Milovantsev, Russia's ICT Minister, the market for wireless Internet access is one of the fastest growing parts of the domestic telecom industry. Mr. Milovantsev estimates that the wireless access market is growing by 61% per year...) --- "В России построена крупнейшая Wi-Fi-сеть" (In Russia is the largest Wi-fi service), RIA (via CNews), 15 December 2006

"The virtually universal licensing of all active subjects in the market of communications services is an out-of-date approach, that complicates work both of communications service operators and of state departments. In the Russian Statute On Licensing of Certain Types of Activity of 1998 it is fairly established, that licensing (as one of the most rigid forms of the state control) makes sense only if all other mechanisms of control are inapplicable or extremely inefficient..." ---from Explanatory Notes to the Draft Statute, 'On Amending the Federal Statute "On Communications"'..., Media Law and Policy Institute, Moscow (2002).

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