• Reform Programme for Achieving the Lisbon Strategy Goals, Government of Slovenia, October 2005: "Slovenia is planning the following horizontal measures: (i) increasing the accessibility of ICT by stimulating the development of wireless networks (WiMax and WiFi)..."
  • Radio frequency regulation is covered in Section V. (Articles 32-57) of the Electronic Communications Act (31 May 2004). (The link in that last sentence is to the Government's unofficial English translation of the law; click here for the law in Slovenian.) Article 35 paragraph (3) authorizes the use of radio frequencies without a specific assignment decision by the regulator, so long as the regulator has defined a method for unassigned use of that part of the spectrum.
  • "Splošni akt o načrtu uporabe radijskih frekvenc" (General act on radio frequency utilization plan), Agency for Post and Electronic Communication (APEK), February 2006, 157 pages in side-by-side Slovenian and English translation. Includes a comprehensively annotated table of frequency allocations that replaces the 2002 version. Here is a link to the version published in the 31 January 2006 edition of Slovenia's official gazette (Uradni list), without the English translation.
  • NeoWLAN - Slovene public access wireless network - includes a list of dozens of free hotspots.
  • E-tocke's List of officially registered public Internet access points - sponsored by the Directorate for the Information Society (now a part of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology). As of October 2006, 403 sites are listed, including 77 WLANs for public access.

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