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TAJIKISTAN - Таджикистан

  • "Tajikistan: Pondering a Tougher Regulatory System for Communications" ("В Таджикистане Рассматривается Предложение о Введении Более Жесткой Системы Регулирования Связи"), 22 February 2006 in English or in Russian: "... Until recently the State Communication Inspectorate (SCI) regulated these sectors. But in 2005, authorities created a new body, the Communications Regulatory Agency (CRA), to oversee licensing and regulatory issues. On paper, the new agency was intended to act independently of direct government control. Practice has shown otherwise. According to the chief engineer of one private ISP, the new agency is under the government's firm control and it has far broader regulatory powers than did the former inspectorate..."
  • "Tajikistan's Beleaguered Media" (В Таджикистане у силивается Давление на Независимые Сми") Institute for War and Peace Reporting, 9 January 2006, in English or in Russian: "The head of the communications ministry inspectorate, Lyubov Kovalevskaya,... said the fees charged by her agency were fair. 'We pursue a clear and transparent economic policy. The price list is based on our running costs - we are currently undergoing re-equipment and spending a lot of funds,' she said... private broadcasters are finding that their applications for new or renewed broadcasting licenses are being held up because the commission has effectively ground to a halt because of the new legislation [that created the CRA - see previous item]. 'I've studied this law, and nowhere can I find instructions for the licensing commission to stop work, especially for such a lengthy period,' said [Khosiyat Kast, head of the Association of Independent Electronic Media]..."
  • О Государственной комиссии по радиочастотам РТ - Утверждено постановлением Правительства Республики Таджикистан от 2 августа 2004 года № 331 (Decree No. 331: Establishing the State Commission on Radio Frequencies of Tajikistan, 2 August 2004) in Russian.
  • Law on Electronic Communication (10 May 2002) in English and in Russian. Article 15: "The radio frequency spectrum is the property of the Republic of Tajikistan... Radio frequency spectrum shall be assigned on commercial (paid) basis..." Article 16: "personal radio communications; [and] data transmission networks... shall be subject to individual licensing..."
  • Anton Gnitko, co-founder of ISP Eastera, built the first Wi-Fi networks in Tajikistan "which connected [a] number of Academy of Sciences institutiuons together and to the internet..." In an email message dated 21 September 2005 he confirms that WLANs are licensed in both the 2.4 and 5 GHZ bands: "... If you use a wifi device for your own (say at home) possibly no one from Regulatory agency will ever bother you - but if they want, they have such right. For long distance use of wifi - we do register every AP or client point and channel and frequency it's working in..." He adds that few people use WiFi at home as the 2.4 GHz band is "overloaded... and hardly possible to use for long distance links - too much interference, so links are highly unreliable. Unfortunately no one from regulatory agency cares about wifi here, so there is no online resource for wifi regulations in TJ..."

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