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  • Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority - Licensing Page: "The Authority is required by section 6, of TCRA Act 12 of 2003 to process and issue license.... Effective from 23rd February, 2005, a Converged Licensing Framework is in place..."
  • Radio Communications and Frequency Spectrum Regulations (Government Notice No. 270 (9 September 2005) in English:

    "4.(1) No person shall possess, establish, install or use any station in any place or on board any local vessel or aircraft or in any vehicle, unless he has a valid licence granted by the Authority.
    "4.(2) Notwithstanding the grant of any license under the Act, in respect of any station, or network no person shall use any radio frequency channel to establish or operate any network unless he has a valid station and frequency user license granted by the Authority...

    "27.(3) ...the validity of frequency user licence is subject to payment of annual frequency user licence fees...

    "31.(1) The following arrangements shall be adhered for devices using spread spectrum in industrial scientific and medical band -

    "(a) devices operating in the band 915 - 928 MHz shall have equivalent Isotropically Radiated power limited to 1 Watt in order to provide adequate protection to services in adjacent bands in particularly GSM base stations below 915 MHz;
    "(b) devices operating in the band 2.4 - 2.4875 GHz and band 5.725 - 5.875 GHz shall operate with maximum peak transmitter output power of 1 Watt and with effective isotropic radiated power of 4 Watt;...
    "(d) Licensees operating on shared frequencies shall accept any interference that may result from the legitimate operation of stations...
    "(2) All devices operating in industrial scientific and medical bands shall be registered by the Authority.

    "32. The Authority may grant a localised radiocommunication station licence to an approved applicant to use the following equipment -

    "(a) remote control devices;
    "(b) local area paging devices;
    "(c) wireless microphones;
    "(d) citizen band transceivers CB walkie talkies;
    "(e) telemetry or alarm systems or both;
    "(g) low range cordless telephones; or
    "(h) any other radio-communication equipment as may be authorised by the Authority from time to time..."

  • "Guidelines and Procedures for Licensing Electronic and Postal Communications in Tanzania," issued by the TCRA Director General, January 2005: this indicates that the "Radio Communications and Frequency Spectrum User Licence" authorizes both the ownership of a specific type of radio equipment and the use of the frequency spectrum. "In the bid to simplify both licence document and licensing process, the new licensing framework has classified licences in three groups: Individual Licence... Class Licence... [and] Exempt Licence..." The third type "need only registration with the Authority... The Authority will publish in any newspaper a notice of every application it received for the issue of licence. Any person may, within fourteen days of the publication of the notice lodge with the Authority written representations if he opposes the grant of a licence..." But it is still not clear from this what type of license a private WiFi network needs...
  • Application Form for a license to provide Communications and Network Services. A separate Frequency Usage Application Form is needed for wireless services.
  • "Frequency Spectrum User Licence" - powerpoint presentation in English by the TCRA's Dennis M. Libena (January 2005 - before the "convergenced licensing framework" was adopted): "Frequency Spectrum user categorised as a class licence... [low-power devices in the ISM bands] need only be registered. Operators using these bands need to submit the location of their respective links..."
  • License Fees - the annual spectrum users fee for a Wireless Data Radio station is US$50.
  • Licensing in the Era of Liberalization and Convergence: The Case Study of the Republic of Tanzania by Simon Moshiro, ITU, December 2004 (21 pages).
  • "Telecommunications in Tanzania" by M. L. Luhanga, Virtual Information Institute (Columbia University, 1997) - good historical background.

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