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  • "KET-Kisa Mesafe Erisimli Telsiz Cihazlarinin Kurma Ve Kullanma Esaslari Hakkinda Yönetmelik" [Ordinance Regarding the Principles of Assembling and Using Short Range Radio Devices (SRD)] in Turkish and English. Turkish version was published 6 March 2004 in the official gazette, Resmi Gazetede Yayimlandi. The ordinance covers many types of low-power devices, but here we only mention WLANs operating at 5150-5350 MHz: they can radiate 200 mW but only in enclosed areas and not within 1 km of an airport runway; systems without Dynamic Frequency Selection or Automatic Power Control are limited to 5150-5250 MHz and a maximum power output of 60 mW.
  • National Frequency Allocation Table (searchable, with English language interface); the Turkish interface is here.
  • Spectrum policy is based on "Wireless Law No 2813" and "Implementing Regulations numbered 18183" according to Turkey's response to an ITU questionaire.
  • WLAN Kablosuz Yerel Alan Aglari (Wireless Local Area Networks) Teknolojisinin Incelenmesi, Mevcut Düzenlemelerin Degerlendirilmesi ve Ülkemize Yönelik Düzenleme Önerisi - a comprehensive (159-page) overview of WLAN technologies and how they are regulated in Europe, Japan, the USA and Turkey, by Dr. Faruk Cömert, A. Hicabi Erdinç, Dr. Mustafa Alkan, Ihsan Kulali, Dr. Mehmet Altuner, Prof. Dr. M. Cengiz Taplamacioglu and Doç Dr. Y. Kemal Baykal (2004, in Turkish).
  • Wi-Fi Turk - billing itself as a "wireless technology centre," this is a portal to Turkey's Wi-Fi community, with forums, product announcements, tutorials, a Google map of member locations, etc.
  • "iPass extends Wi-Fi network in Turkey with TTNET," iPass press release, 26 January 2011: "iPass Inc., a leading provider of enterprise mobility services, today announced that it has expanded the iPass Mobile Network with 8,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in partnership with TTNET Inc., the leading communications technologies company of Turkey. TTNET now joins the world's largest mobile network of 260,000 Wi-Fi hotspot venues and presents iPass business travelers with widespread coverage throughout all 81 provinces of Turkey..."
  • "Devlet RFID için bir birim atamali," by Mete Gürkan, Haberler, 12 September 2006.

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